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Pawns are the lowest level members of the Chess Demons.

Personal data
Gender Genderless
Species Demon
Occupation Members of the Chess Demons
Summons of Pan the Goat
Morality Evil
Living status Active
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Pawns, originally known as Black Pawns, are lowest level and most numerous faction of the Chess Demons in service to the King and Queen. They are the only level 1 Chess Demons and are by far the weakest.

Physical description

The pawns are made up of dark energy in solid form while dripping a black sludge-like material when materializing. They are dark purple, very skinny four-legged creatures with sharp claws and slim features built for quick movement. They have black plates of armor over their skull and thighs as well as black spines along their back and massive tail. They have a thick main of pale purple fur over their neck, chest and back and the two spikes on their shoulders can grow out into wings that allow the pawns to fly. They have sharp pincers on their mouths and four bright red eyes.


Pawns are the only level 1 creature of the Chess Demons and are therefore the weakest. Only eight can be summoned at a time.


  • Natural weaponry: The pawns possess sharp claws and fangs that can rip through and shred most materials. Their thick tails can also smash objects easily.
  • Limited intelligence: They have very limited intelligence and can only comprehend simple orders, such as who to attack and where to defend. Because of this, they make up the backbone of the King's main army forces while more coordinated roles required of those with above average intelligence is reserved for level 2 creatures.
  • Wing manifestation: Pawns are able to grow wings from the two large spikes on their shoulders.
    • Flight
  • Enhanced strength, speed, stamina and flexibility
  • Enhanced sight, smell and hearing


  • Strength in numbers: While relatively weak on their own, pawns can gain strength from attacking enemies in large groups, overwhelming their opponents with their numbers.
  • Tracking: Their heightened sense of sight, smell and hearing make pawns excellent trackers. They can lock onto a specific individual's scent and follow it for miles.
  • Enhanced maneuverability


The pawns are one of the many forces under service to the King and Queen, leaders of the Chess Demons. Due to a pact with a family bloodline on Earth, the pawns are capable of being summoned to the physical plain by members of that bloodline. However, only eight can be summoned at one time and creatures that are not level 1 cannot be summoned either.


  • Pawns are based on the chess pieces of the same name.

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