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Pan the Goat
Crest of Bell
Pan the goat

Pan the Goat is the last remaining descendant of the House of Bell.

Personal data
Alias Pan
Age 23
Gender Male
Species Mythsetian goat
Morality Evil
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Family Ties (cameo)
Stormy Nights (cameo)
Bloodlines: Origins
It is my legacy! I won't let you take that away from me!
Pan the Goat

This page is comprised of Pan the Goat's relationships with characters he has interacted with.


  • Bell (ancestor)
  • Unnamed mother
  • Mammoth Mogul (adoptive father and mentor)


Pan was raised alone by his mother after his father abandoned them when he was young. She was warm, loving and kind, but like him, was largely unaware of Pan's magical heritage and potential powers. Pan was plagued by horrible nightmares of monsters and demons, which often caused painful headaches while his mother would do her best to comfort him. Though she tried to get him help, the nightmares continued to plague him.

One night, Pan accidently summoned a pawn into their home. The pawn viciously attacked them and Pan's mother died trying to protect him from the demon. Before it could turn to attack him, the pawn disappeared. To this day, Pan remains haunted by this event, having eventually learned that he was the one who summoned the demon that killed his mother.

Mammoth Mogul

After his mother's death, Pan was sent to an orphanage. Because of the nature of his mother's death and the constant nightmares that plagued him, parents did not want to adopt him and he became alienated in the orphanage. However, one day Mammoth Mogul came to the orphanage and discovered Pan's magical potential. Mogul adopted Pan and took him as his apprentice.

Over the years, Mogul has become a surrogate father figure to Pan, helping him train and control his powers and the demons he can summon while becoming the father Pan never had. Pan periodically relies on Mogul for advice and is always eager to prove himself as useful and powerful in Mogul's eyes. Pan has an unwavering loyalty to his master and does everything he orders.


Chess Demons

The Chess Demons are Pan's summons that he inherited the ability to bring to the physical plain through his ancestor Bell. Initially, Pan held animosity and resentment towards the demons, as a pawn he accidentally summoned in his childhood slew his mother. However, under the tutelage of Mammoth Mogul, Pan overcame these doubts and fears and dominated over the Chess Demons as their master, summoning them to act on his will.

Deathstalker the Scorpion

Deathstalker is the personal bodyguard of Mammoth Mogul and has many interactions with Mogul's apprentice, Pan. Pan considers Deathstalker an outsider not to be trusted, as he is merely hired help who would turn on them if given the right price. Despite voicing his constant distrust and hatred for the assassin, Pan will work with Deathstalker on a mission if Mogul demands their cooperation. Deathstalker on the other hand, is not as hostile towards Pan and instead teases him to incite his anger.


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