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Orb of Mythos

The Orb of Mythos

The Orb of Mythos, briefly known as UA-13428 while in G.U.N.'s possession, is a sacred item to the House of Mythos. It is a sacred orb of great power originally wielded by Mythos. It is capable of imbueing an individual with massive amounts of energy. As revealed during Rise of the Titans, the Orb has a secondary ability that allows the user to steal another's magic and imbue it in themselves. It is said that only Mythos and those marked by him can use the Orb.



Originally created by Mythos himself, the orb was designed to enhance and strengthen his powers and abilities.

When Mythos became intent on taking over the world, he modified it with a secondary power that would allow him to steal the magic powers of others for himself. He had intended his fellow founders to be his first victims, as they vehemontly opposed his idea and instead favored peaceful coexistence. However, he was stopped and killed by the other house heads before he could use it. Mythos never revealed the orb's second ability and the information died with him.

After his death, the orb was hidden in a secret location by the other house heads.

Modern times

By the modern day, G.U.N. had apparently found the Orb some time ago and upon discovering the massive amounts of energy it gave off, began experimenting on it in an attempt to use it as an alternative power source. However, the Orb remained unresponsive to them.

While searching for the Orb, Garnett discovered G.U.N. had gotten to the Orb first and resolved to attack the facility. But before he could, his sisters, Team Scales, betrayed G.U.N. by stealing the Orb themselves. According to Garnett, the Orb can only be used by Mythos himself or "those marked by him", though Garnett was still able to use the Orb himself. Garnett was able to seize it from their possession and demonstrated his use of the Orb's power by stealing Umber's darkness magic and absorbing it. The experience left his body incredibly weak, forcing him to retreat before he could steal any more of his siblings' powers.


  • The orb can be seen as part of the emblem for the House of Mythos.
Mythsetian Relics

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