Handmaiden nicole

NICOLE as Nineve

Nineve (ニネヴェ Nineve) is the Arthurian Times version of comics canon character, NICOLE. She is from the Kingdom of Acorn and handmaiden to Princess Salima Acorn.


Nineve is the caring and intelligent best friend of Salima, whom she expresses undying loyalty. She is a rather sensitive individual and is always eager to help those in need. She also has a playful sense of humor, often assisting Salima in her mischevious schemes, often against the insistance of Bronwen.


Nineve has been a servant all her life and is very knowledgeable in etiquette and various traditions in the Kingdom of Acorn. She is very intelligent and a skilled weaver of fabric.


Nineve hails from the Kingdom of Acorn and has been the servant of Princess Salima Acorn since they were both children. Because of this, the two have a very close friendship, much like a bond between sisters. When Salima is summoned to the Kingdom of Camelot to meet with King Arthur, Nineve and Bronwen accompany her.

Nineve appears in Tales of Knighthood.


  • Nineve is another name for Nimue, the Lady of the Lake.

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