Nightingale Ashford
Nightingale Ashford

Gale is a Guardian Spirit Mage.

Personal data
Nicknames Gale
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Mage
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

This page is comprised of Nightingale Ashford's relationships with various other characters she interacts with.


Ashford family

Gale is the last member of the prestigious and noble Ashford family.

Titan Wing Guild

Gale is a member of the Titan Wing Guild.



Gale was very close with her grandfather. She would often spend her days with him hearing all about their family's history and the Guardian Spirits. He was also the one who taught her Guardian Spirit Magic. Gale became so captivated by the Guardian Spirits that she was determined to carry on the family's long quest of recollecting all the Guardian Spirit Gate Keys. He even gave her a Key every year on her birthday, the first being Azreal's. When he passed away, however, Gale became even more determined to find all the keys in order to honor his memory.


Gale is largely estranged from her father since he is completely against her quest in recovering the Guardian Spirit Keys while her mother died shortly after she was born. Growing up, her father would try to extinguish her interest in Guardian Spirits by confiscating the few Keys she owned and adamantly persuading her not to look for the rest of the keys. The motivation behind this is the fact that Gale's mother died whilst trying to accomplish the same quest and her father fears losing her the same way. However, Gale would not let her father get in her way and left without saying goodbye. To this day, she has not seen nor spoken to her father in any way.


Verick Houston

Verick is Gale's partner in the Titan Wing Guild whom she would often go on jobs with. The two have a strong friendship and loyalty to each other. However, Gale's focus and determination has caused her on occasion to abandon Verick for even the chance of getting a Guardian Spirit Gate Key. Though Verick has not experienced extreme harm in her abandonment, he does find it troublesome and inconsiderate on Gale's part for not only carelessly abandoning her friends, but also innocent people in need of help.

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