Night Riders
Basic Information
Group Type Traveling party
Founder Sigrid Henderson and Velius Flynn
Members Sigrid Henderson, Stormfront, Smog, Velius Flynn, Shimmer, and Milo
Status Active

The Night Riders is a traveling group of two Vikings and their dragons. Sigrid seeks to escape from her fiance, who pursues her and her dragon, while Flynn wants to learn more about life outside his secluded home and learn more about dragons.


Sigrid is a member of the Stormchasers tribe, on the run for breaking gender-biased traditions and laws by training a dragon. She is a well-trained warrior and archer.
Stormfront is a Skrill and Sigrid's dragon. Originally meant for her fiance, Baldr, Stormfront instead chose Sigrid as his rider. He is fiercely protective of her.
Smog is a young Smothering Smokebreath separated from his flock and Sigrid's second dragon. He is playful and affectionate and loves metal.
Flynn is a bright inventor from the Tinkerers tribe, seeking to explore the world and find a way to help his tribe.
Shimmer is a Changewing and Flynn's dragon. She is curious and playful and prefers stealth over open combat.
Milo is a young Speed Stinger and Flynn's second dragon. He was originally the alpha of his own pack, but was deposed by a stronger and larger Speed Stinger.


The group was originally formed when Sigrid and Flynn first encountered each other in the woods. Though they were initially suspicious of each other, the pair eventually became traveling partners. Flynn helps Sigrid elude the Stormchasers that pursue her while she helps Flynn with his research.



  • Both of Sigrid's dragons breath fire, while neither of Flynn's dragons breath fire.
  • Sigrid's dragons are both purple, while Flynn's dragons are both red and green.
Night Riders