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Nicholas Sterling
Personal data
Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Classification Warrior
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Nicholas Sterling is a member of the Wolfe Pack. He is a 19 year old human warrior who was born in Kirkwall, but his family later moved to Gwaren. All his life, Nicholas has dreamed of adventure but failed to excel in training and was rejected from joining the guards. He has a mabari named Ripley.

Physical description


Nicholas is still rather young and naive, often believing that he can change the world. He rarely gives up and wants to experience as many big adventures as he can. However, he can be rather unprepared for what he hopes to face and many state that he still acts like a child despite his age.


  • Ripley (best friend)
  • Ari Wolfe (love interest)
  • Sere, Theron, Julia, Gaius (allies, friends)

Ari Wolfe

When Nicholas first meets Ari, he develops a huge crush on her and constantly tries to earn her affections by complimenting her, giving her gifts and even trying to impress her in battle. However, Ari does not seem interested, let alone aware of his advances.



  • Basic swordsmanship: Nicholas is a strapping young lad who is very new to fighting, having only learned the basic skills of swordsmanship. He is still incapable of being in a real fight and is not physically very strong.


  • Lack of experience in combat: Nicholas is highly inexperienced in combat and is barely able to hold his own in a battle.


  • Red Grace: Nicholas' sword of choice.


Nicholas was originally born in Kirkwall in the Free Marches, but his family later moved to Gwaren when their store went out of business. Since he was a child, Nicholas had read stories of heroes and legends, wanting to go on adventures of his own. However, he was physically too weak to join the guard and rejected from their training. His best friend is his mabari hound, Ripley.


  • Nicholas is loosely based on Dragon Age character, Anders.
Wolfe Pack

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