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Crest of Nekros

Nekros' crest

Nekros (ネックロス Nekkurosu) was the original ancestor of the House of Nekros. She was a powerful necromancer who was able to communicate with spirits and souls from the beyond, reanimate deceased corpses and bind souls to living things and inanimate objects. Her sacred relic was the Chain of Nekros which she often used in her necromancy and now rests in the hands of her last, living descendant.

At some point in her life, she was forced by Mythos into enacting a spell that would allow his soul to possess his descendants, effectively rendering him immortal. Nekros greatly regretted this act and recorded it in her journal, imploring whoever found it to prevent Mythos' curse by killing off those susceptible to his possession: first born sons of first born sons.

Known descendants


  • Nekros' name derives from the Greek nekrós, meaning "dead body".
Preceded by
Position established
Head of the House of Nekros Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Ravenna the Crow

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