Mythsetian seals are one of the many relics left behind by the various ancestors of the Mythsetia Veil. Following the Great Purge, only seven seals were initially known in existence - the same seven families to survive the purge, though more seals from surviving families are appearing. The seals stood to identify an individual as the head of their family and are passed on from one family head to the next.

Holders of the Seals

Below is a list of individuals who are currently in possession of their respective family seals and those who were formerly in possession of them.




Created by Galen, the seals functioned to identify the head of each respective family. Possessing the seal is both a sign of respect and power. While their primary purpose was representational, it did have additional and more practical functions.

With a built-in holographic computer interface, they also function as a catalogue for each family, tracing back the lineage to each original founder. Individuals are automatically added into the family tree upon physical contact with the seal. If an individual is not mapped into the tree, the seal can act as a beacon to locate them until they are added and accounted for. It is also possible to set the seal to locate a specific individual or object associated with the family, such as the ancient relic.

An additional function of the seals is to dispel the fog that surrounds the island of the Veil. Due to the effects of a spell circle surrounding the perimeter of the island, the nation is covered by a dense fog that makes navigation nearly impossible. Only a house seal can dispel the fog to allow for travel to and from the island.

The Mythos seal is connected with every other seal and is capable of broadcasting messages to these other seals.


Mythsetian Relics

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