Pkmn Mizuado

Mizuado is one of Ayden's Pokémon.

Personal data
Species Sharpedo
Type Water-Dark
Ability Rough Skin
Caught at Route 119
Morality Good

Mizuado is one of Ayden's Pokémon currently residing at Ayden's home in Phenac City. He was caught as a Carvanha in Route 119 of the Hoenn region where he was savagely destroying the equipment of the Weather Institute.


As a Sharpedo, Mizuado's greatest strength is water battles. He can swim incredibly fast, but lacks the necessary stamina to travel long distances, making him an ineffective transportation Pokémon. His teeth are incredibly sharp and can easily rip through metal. Should any teeth be damaged or knocked out in a fight, they will almost instantly grow back stronger than ever. His rough skin provides a natural shield against physical attacks, while also harming his attacker and he specializes in close combat, relying on his speed in water to strike his foes.


  • Ice Fang
  • Waterfall
  • Crunch
  • Slash
  • Night Slash
  • Scary Face
  • Skull Bash
  • Aqua Jet
  • Poison Jab
  • Take Down
  • Swagger
  • Zen Headbutt


During a large storm, Mizuado was washed up into the stream of Route 119 by the Weather Institute and was unable to return to the sea and rejoin his pod. He went on a rampage in the area, frigthening off the local water Pokémon and destroying the Weather Institute's equipment. When Ayden arrived, she decided to try and drive Mizuado out and return him to the sea, but ended up catching him instead.

When he evolved, his destructive nature only worsened, but he did display some level of obedience towards Ayden.

He was primarily used by Ayden during her time in Hoenn and now currently resides in her home in Phenac City. To this day, his destructive instincts have toned down a bit, but he does have a habit for biting things.


  • Mizuado's name derives from the fake Pokémon of the same name.

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