Milo 2

Milo is Velius Flynn's dragon companion.

Personal data
Gender Male
Species Speed Stinger
Classification Sharp
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Fate Living on The Haven
Production notes
Created by Dingo-Sniper
Appearances Night Riders


Early life

Milo was once the alpha of his own herd of Speed Stingers, despite his small size. However, he was still rather young and rash and had a tendency to make mistakes. As a result, Milo was violently deposed as alpha by a larger and stronger Speed Stinger. Exiled from his herd, Milo accidentally wound up on board a Viking trade ship that brought him to the Haven. There, he was discovered by Velius Flynn and his Changewing Shimmer and taken in by them. Milo then joined Flynn and Shimmer in traveling the world in search of ways to help the Tinkerers society regrow.

Night Riders

With Flynn and Shimmer, Milo met Sigrid Henderson and her dragons Stormfront and Smog. Upon the two groups joining up, Milo struck up a friendship and rivalry with Smog over the attention and affection of their riders, much to the annoyance of Stormfront and Shimmer.

Milo was present, but not particularly active during their encounter with the Berk Vikings. However, when Sigrid and Stormfront were recaptured by Baldr Armstrong, Flynn rushed to rescue them. Milo and Shimmer rescued Sigrid, with Milo using his stinger to paralyze the majority of Stormchaser Vikings. However, Shimmer was injured during the encounter and later succumbed to her wounds and died. Milo, along with the rest of their group, attended a small funeral for her.

Following this, Milo returned to living in the Haven with a Tinkerers tribe that was now accepting dragons.

Night Riders