Masao Tokugawa is the head of the Tokugawa Clan and the self-proclaimed archenemy of Shizuka Hattori.


Masao is a skilled assassin and mercenary and can easily hold his own against several assailants. He is a young prodigy and has tied several times with his life long rival, Shizuka.


In his childhood, he befriended Shizuka and they got along quite well. However, their friendship only lasted for a day, as by the end of that day, they learned each other's family name. While Shizuka was willing to look past their family history, Masao was not and swore that he would wipe out the Hattori Clan for their betrayal for good.

He inherited his father's position as family head at a young age and dedicated his life to destroying the Hattori family to make up for unintentionally forming a friendship with Shizuka in his childhood, something he greatly views as a mistake that dishonors his family.

Main Characters

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