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Maelstrom is a Bakugan Trap belonging to Ayden Grit.

Personal data
Gender Male
Species Vestroian Bakugan trap
G power 500, 400 (former)
Occupation Battle Brawlers member
Resistance member
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Two Birds One Stone
Spread Your Wings
I saved Maelstrom from a group of evil Bakugan and he never left me alone after that, always following me around like a lost puppy. I don't know why I just didn't kill him then, but I'm glad I didn't.
Beast King Azreal

Maelstrom (メイルストラム Meirusutoramu) is a Haos Bakugan in the form of a griffin and the Trap Bakugan of Ayden Grit.

Physical description

Maelstrom is a light yellow griffin with blue eyes. He has a metal helmet on his head with a blade running across the top of the helm as well as two protective discs on his thighs with a spike protruding from the center.


As a Trap Bakugan, Maelstrom does not have as many abilities are regular Bakugan. After Azreal evolves, Maesltrom gains the ability to transform into a sword to be wielded by Azreal.

  • Wing Blade: Adds 200 Gs to Maelstrom.
  • Thunder Slash: Nullifies the opponent's ability and transfers 300Gs from the opponent to Maelstrom.
  • Healing Aura: Nullifies the opponent's ability and prevents them from further activating any more.
  • Dragon Sabre: Transforms Maelstrom into a sword to be wielded. Adds 500 Gs and combines power level with Azreal.

Fusion Abilities:

  • Omega Cutlass (from Dragon Sabre): Adds 700 Gs to Maelstrom and combines power level with Azreal.


Maelstrom had fallen into the Doom Dimension completely by accident and was rescued by Azreal from a group of mean, bully Bakugan. From that moment, Maelstrom became loyal to Azreal, following him and obeying all his orders. They fell into New Vestroia and later Vestal together and came into the possession of Ayden Grit.

Two Birds One Stone

During the events of Two Birds One Stone, Maelstrom had a more significant role in the plot than most Trap Bakugan. He was instrumental in starting up the grounds of the future relationship between Shun and Ayden by leading Shun to her room where he overheard her conversation with Azreal where she confessed her feelings for Shun. Later when Azreal sacrificed himself to save Keith and Mira, Maelstrom comforted Ayden during her time of grief. Maelstrom was later tasked with protecting Ayden during their final battle against the Alternative system. They were quickly caught but later rescued by Azreal, now evolved, where Azreal revealed several new abilities, including one that transformed Maelstrom into a sword.

Spread Your Wings

In Spread Your Wings, Maelstrom's role is less significant than in Two Birds One Stone. Ayden still uses him in battle, making him and Azreal a deadly combination. Prior to the events of Spread Your Wings, Keith and Gus had used Azreal and Maelstrom's DNA to create the Battle Gear, Mjolnir Breaker. Though it can still function with just Azreal, it is far more powerful with Maelstrom included.


  • Maelstrom was originally going to be a pegasus.
  • Maelstrom's name comes from the name of a whirlpool.

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