Lyra and Spectre

Lyra Specter Gun

Lyra Spectre Sword

Owner Caelan Roth
Weapon Dual Shifting Gun Sabers
Type Melee, ranged, dual wielding
Weapon derivation Dual semi-automatic pistols, sabers

Lyra and Spectre are Caelan Roth's weapons of choice that he forged at Signal Academy. They are a Dual Shifting Gun Sabers (DSGS).

Caelan can utilize both Lyra and Spectre as dual automatic pistols that are both capable of transforming into long, curved sabers. They are kept in gun form when not in use and are held in holsters strapped to the back of Caelan's waist. When transforming, the stock of the gun shifts position so that it is parallel with the gun's body, allowing it to function like a sword handle. The gun body opens like a mouth, allowing the curved blade encased within to emerge and flip open, in a similar fashion in which Blake's katana transforms into a kusarigama blade.



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