Lucky Streak
Lucky Streak 2015

Lucky Streak is a Qilin Sage and the Royal Adviser to Princess Vesta.

Personal data
Nicknames Lucky (by Happy), Streak (by others)
Gender Male
Species Qilin
Occupation Qilin Sage
Wu Xing Royal Adviser
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Journey to the West

Lucky Streak, sometimes referred to simply as Lucky or Streak, is a Qilin Sage and the Royal Adviser to Princess Vesta as well as the older brother of Double Happiness. Later, he also acts as the representative of the qilins and their student at Twilight's School of Friendship, Peach Heart.

Physical description

Lucky is a tall qilin pony with a light green coat and dark purple belly that extends up to his neck and covers his mouth and the center of his face. He has a bright orange mane with light orange streaks that resembles a lion's mane. He also has a thin green tail covered in orange hair as well as hair along his back and the backs of his legs. His hind legs are hooves while his front legs have claws that allow him to grab objects. He has a pair of very large and curvy purple horns with blue orbs and has whiskers on his face. He wears a blue necklace with a golden coin, matching gold earrings and has gold colored eyes. He also has thin streams of clouds floating around his shoulders and ankles. His cutie mark is the Chinese character 福 in yellow on a red diamond.


Lucky is very studious, calm and professional. As the Royal Adviser, it is his duty to advise the princesses on what they should do. He prefers to think before acting and often chastises his sister for her reckless attitude.



  • Luck magic: Lucky's primary magic is the qilin luck magic, a form of inactive magic that simply makes qilins experience lucky events wherever they go.
  • Healing magic: Lucky is also well gifted in the use of healing magic.
  • Telekinesis
  • Longevity


  • Enhanced intelligence: Lucky is incredibly gifted intellectually, having read many books on qilin magic and studied a variety of subjects.
  • Strategic planning: Due to his high intelligence, Lucky is able to make quick decisions based on logic and information gathered.


  • Lucky's cutie mark, 福, is the Chinese character meaning "good fortune".
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