Personal data
Gender Male
Species Guardian spirit-lion
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Leonidas is a guardian spirit and the second youngest of the four generals on Anlortim's Golem Batallion.He is hot-headed and rash, often underestimating his foes and overestimating his own abilities, but is a good leader nonetheless.

Physical description

He is a gargoyle like Anlortim, but in the form of an anthropomorphic, winged Cape Lion. He has heavy armor on his shoulders, chest, arms and legs, each a piece to commemorate a victory. Underneath his armor, he wears a simple red robe.


Leonidas is a guardian spirit with an unknown elemental alignment. He is capable of flight and shares Anlortim's Stone Sleep ability, which turns him to stone during daylight and healing his wounds.

Leonidas leads the main group of soldiers that usually take part in battle on the front lines. His division of soldiers is the largest and very diverse.


Leonidas was created by Anlortim modeled after a Cape Lion. Since managing an entire army proved too much for Anlortim to handle on his own, he appointed four generals to manage over each of their own divisions. Leonidas is one of Anlortim's most trusted generals and a part of his special task group consisting of himself, Leonidas and the other generals.

Because of his headstrong attitude, he often clashes with fellow general, Vercingetorix, "Vera," whom he often mocks for having the smallest amount of soldiers and no wings. Vera, in return, criticizes his rash and bold behavior and scolds him that one day, he will get them killed.

When Anlortim was critically injured in battle, he was forced to flee and enter Stone Sleep to heal. However, he did not awaken the next night, remaining trapped in his stone form. With nothing to do without their leader, the generals split up their troops across the globe where they too entered a Stone Sleep and would only awaken once Anlortim called for them. Leonidas and a majority of his troops situated across North and South America. Leonidas blames himself for Anlortim's injury because he chose to pursue their opponent's leader rather than help Anlortim, who was injured as a result. Leonidas took Vera's criticism to heart and vowed to be a better leader and soldier.


  • Leonidas is named after Leonidas I, King of Sparta.
  • He is second youngest of Anlortim's generals.
Guardian Spirits

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