The Ko'leos are one of two warrior classes within the mid rank of the Mantodea Empire. They are distinguished by blue markings.

List of known Ko'leos


The Ko'leos make up one of two warrior classes within the mid rank of the Mantodea Empire and are commanded by the Ko'pis. One Ko'pis commands at least three hundred Ko'leos, which consist of infantry troops and soldiers.

The duties of a Ko'leos mainly pertain to the protection and defence of the Mantodea Empire, both external and internal. While the Ko'leos are largely tasked with protecting the empire, a portion of the Ko'leos acts as guards within the central hive. Their duties typically revolve around protecting members of the empire as well as defusing civil disputes and responding to emergency situations. In addition, their most important task is guarding the An'assa and royal palace.

However, as a result of the Human-Mantodea War, the Ko'leos army has largely dwindled in numbers compared to when the empire was at the height of their power.


  • "Koleos" derives from the Greek word meaning "sheath".

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