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Knights are one of the level 2 members of the Chess Demons.

Personal data
Gender Genderless
Species Demon
Occupation Members of the Chess Demons
Summons of Pan the Goat
Morality Evil
Living status Active
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Knights, originally known as Black Knights, are demons from Oblivion belonging to the Chess Demons in service to the King and Queen and are tasked with leading the main troops, consisting of pawns and rooks, into battle. They are the fastest and most well-coordinated of the level 2 Chess Demons and only two of each may be summoned at a time.

Physical description

The knights are armored warriors riding atop demonic horses. Like other Chess Demons, they are made up of solid dark energy and drip a black sludge substance when materializing. While the soldier and steed together make up their knight, they can separate in battle.


Knights are one of the three level 2 creatures of the Chess Demons. They are much smarter than the pawns and rooks. Therefore, knights are often tasked with properly coordinating the troops on the battlefield, as neither pawns nor rooks are intelligent enough to do so themselves.


Chess Demon Weapons

Chess Demon arsenal

  • Dimensional weapons storage: The knights are masters of many forms of weapons and are capable of storing each of these weapons in their own, individual pocket dimension. They can change their weapon equipment at will by accessing this pocket dimension and switching their weapons.
  • Steed summoning: If separated, the steed will immediately disappear and reappear beneath the soldier so it can remount at will. If the soldier is destroyed, the steed will automatically be destroyed as well, but if the steed is destroyed first, the soldier will remain.
  • Oblivion flame: The steed is able to project a powerful, demonic fire to burn its enemies.
  • Speech: The knight is capable of physical speech, but not telepathic communication like it's superiors.
  • Enhanced intelligence: The knights are highly intelligent, almost as smart as the bishops, capable of following the bishops' complex strategies and leading the rooks and pawns in battle.
  • Enhanced speed and strength


  • Weapon proficiency: The knights are highly proficient at wielding various different kinds of weaponry in battle such as swords, shields, maces, axes, daggers, spear, halberds, flails, and javelins.
  • Enhanced horsemanship: The soldiers that make up the knight are proficient horsemen, easily able to coordinate the steed across a battlefield.
  • Battlefield coordination: Knights are highly skilled warriors on the battlefield, skilled in both physical combat as well as leading their comrades into battle.


The knights are one of the many forces under service to the King and Queen, leaders of the Chess Demons. Due to a pact with a family bloodline on Earth, the knights are capable of being summoned to the physical plain. However, only two can be summoned at one time and creatures that are not level 2 cannot be summoned either.


  • Knights are based on the chess pieces of the same name.

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