Kiyo Mythos (キーオ・ミーソス Kiio Miisosu) is a Sonic: Next Generation character. He is the youngest future son of canon character Shadow the Hedgehog and fan character Azure the Dragon. He is an anthropomorphic 4 year old dragon-hedgehog hybrid and the younger brother to Azreal Mythos II and Miriam Mythos. While Kiyo did not inherit any elemental manipulation powers from his mother, he did inherit a majority of his father's Chaos powers, including Chaos Blast, Chaos Boost, Shadow Heal, Chaos Nightmare and Chaos Magic, making him potentially the most powerful of his siblings. However, these powers are still untrained and he must wear inhibitor bracelets like his father.


  • Kiyo's name comes from Kiyohime, a woman in Japanese folklore who turned into a dragon.

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