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Kitara the Fox
Crest of Divinus
Kit the fox

Kitara is a seer of the House of Divinus.

Personal data
Nicknames Kit
Age 8
Gender Female
Species Mythsetian nine-tailed fox
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Whitewash (mentioned)

This page is comprised of Kit the Fox's relationships with various other characters she interacts with.


House of Divinus

Kit is a member of the House of Divinus.


Crevan the Fox

Crevan is Kit's father. However, because of Crevan's death prior to the story, the exact context of Kit's relationship with her father is unknown.

Esmeralda the Fox

Esmeralda is Kit's paternal grandmother. Esmeralda is kind and loving towards her granddaughter despite the latter's shortcomings, namely her tendency to skip lessons to play with her friends. Esmeralda however, never reprimands Kit for this, believing that Kit should enjoy her childhood.

Inari the Fox

Inari is Kit's older sister by nine years. The sisters are close and do many things together, such as braiding hair.

Ren the Fox

Ren is Kit's older brother by five years. Kit often tries to get her isolated brother to play too. In most cases, she is met with a cold response, but she does not let this discourage her.


Mosaic the Salamander and Taika the Tiger

Mosaic of the House of Mestaclocan and Taika of the House of Arch are Kit's best friends. She often skips lessons with her grandmother in order to play with them.


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