Basic Information
Group Type Sub-faction
Founder Atmos
Leader Atmos
Status Active

The Keepers refers to a large group of avian guardian spirits. They are all wind spirits and the servants of Atmos, Domain Spirit of the Sky. There are two variations of Keepers based on appearance and their domain: Cities and Coast.


As spirits of wind, each Keeper of the Coast has a very small ability of wind. A single Keeper could only unleashed a small burst of wind capable of blowing someone away a few feet. However, when all the Keepers attack together, they could unleash a wind so powerful that they can rip buildings from their foundations.


Keepers of the Coast are several hundred guardian spirits in the form of seagulls while Keepers of the Cities take on the form of pigeons. They are stationed all across the globe along coastline and in major cities and settlements and monitor anything that occurs. They serve Atmos and report their findings to him.


  • Keepers of the Coasts are based on seagulls and Keepers of the Cities are based on pigeons.
Guardian Spirits

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