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Kabuto the Beetle
Crest of Tilasm

Kabuto the beetle

Boom Kabuto

Personal data
Alias Kabuto
Age 21
Gender Male
Species Mythsetian rhinoceros beetle
Occupation Head of the House of Tilasm
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Whitewash (mentioned)
Hostile Encounters
Kabuto's a little hot headed. He gets out of hand quite a bit.
Kuwaga the Beetle

This page is comprised of Kabuto the Beetle's relationships with various other characters he interacts with.


House of Tilasm

Kabuto is a member of and head of the House of Tilasm.


Kuwaga the Beetle

Kuwaga the beetle

Kuwaga, Kabuto's twin

Kuwaga is Kabuto's younger, fraternal twin brother. Kabuto is very close with his younger brother, so much in fact that he can be very protective of Kuwaga. He doesn't like doing things with anyone other than Kuwaga and prefers knowing where his brother is, preferably with him. However, Kabuto can overcome this attachment from time to time, such as when he attends to his duties as head of his house. When it comes to magic, Kuwaga's defensive and enhancement talismans greatly compliment that of Kabuto's offensive and attack talismans, making the two a deadly combination.


Ezo and Okami the Wolf

Ezo and Okami are the only other pair of twins in the Mythsetia Veil and are Kabuto and Kuwaga's closest friends. The four bonded over being twins, which was something they felt no one else could properly understand.