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June the Chao
June the chao

June is a Hero Chao and companion of Azreal the Dragon.

Personal data
Age Uncertain
Gender Genderless
Species Hero Chao
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Hostile Encounters

June the Chao (ジューン ・ザ ・チャオ Juun za Chau) is a dragon Hero Chao and the long time companion of Azreal the Dragon. Though Chao are genderless, June is often referred to as a "she".

Physical description

June appears as a white chao with red trimming around her hands and feet. She has red wings and a white tail. Point claws potrude from her feet and hands and tan horns and scales cover her skin. She also has a golden halo floating above her head.


June displays the common personality seen in most Chao. She is playful and kind, as well as very sensitive to the feelings of others, particularly Azreal's. As a Hero Chao, she is more just and nice than other Chaos, especially Dark Chaos. She is also rather feisty and will voice her annoyance at Azreal when she feels that he is being stupid.


Azreal the Dragon

Azreal is the individual that June has bonded herself to. She tries very often to bring a smile to his face and to cheer him up when he's upset. She also later develops a close relationship with Azure upon the latter's reunion with Azreal.


June has many abilities due to her Chao physiology as well as traits inherited through her bond with Azreal.


  • Fire breath: Through her bond with Azreal, June has gained the ability to breath small bursts of fire.
  • Dragon physiology: Due to her bond with Azreal, June has taken on many physical traits, namely his scales and horns, granting her the physical strengths of Azreal's dragon physiology.
  • Reincarnation: As a Chao, June reincarnates at the end of each life cycle.
  • Flight


It is unsure how June came to meet Azreal but it took place after the latter's exile from his family. After several years of living in a self-imposed exile as a hermit, Azreal met June and the two formed a powerful bond. Over the course of their relationship, June eventually grew into a Hero Chao and even took on traits of Azreal's as she grew.

While Azreal lives as a hermit, June often travels into nearby towns and cities, bringing him food and news of what is going on in the world. He has been known to have sent June to the Veil Catacombs to check up on his nieces and nephews, where she witnessed Garnett set Shamrock on fire.

After Azure, Azreal's youngest niece, tracked him down after defecting from Garnett, June formed a strong friendship with her.


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