Typeicon-Bakugan Typeicon-Pyrus
Jay Osamu
Personal data
Age 15
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Martial artist
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Jay Osamu (治・ヅェイ Osamu Jei) is a Bakugan: Next Generation character and the son of canon characters Joe Osamu and Chan Lee. He is a skilled martial artist and a Pyrus battler partnered with Ashura.

Physical description

Jay Osamu is a 15 year old human boy, half-Japanese and half-Chinese, and the son of Joe Osamu and Chan Lee. He is the younger brother of Janet and a Pyrus battler, partnered with Ashura, whom he inherited from Janet following her paralysis.


Jay used to be a very angry individual, due to being stuck in Janet's shadow. But following her paralysis, his anger diminished and became guilt and sadness. However, he is no longer troubled by the anger he felt towards her and instead has become a strong and loyal young boy to his sister.


  • Joe Osamu (father)
  • Chan Lee (mother)
  • Janet Osamu (older sister)

Anastasia Volan

Jay is friends with Anastasia Volan, a teenage pop star from Russia and they often chat on the internet via webcam. Jay has never heard of her or her songs before meeting online, prompting Ana to begin crushing on him, as he treats her like a person and not a celebrity.

Janet Osamu

Jay is very loyal to his older sister and affectionately calls her "Jie" (Chinese for big sister). Prior to her accident, Jay disliked how people constantly compared the two of them and how he was stuck living in Janet's shadow. After she was paralyzed, Jay felt so guilty, feeling that, in a way, her paralysis was his fault. He dedicated his time to his martial arts and brawling training to honor her and receives tactical help from her via a Bluetooth headset.



Jay's Bakugan, Ashura.

Born to Joe and Chan, Jay is the younger brother of Janet. He is an incredibly skilled martial artists, but was not taught by Chan herself, as he did not want their relationships as mother and son to affect her view of his training and progress.

Since his childhood, he was constantly stuck living in his sister's shadow and ahted it when people kept comparing him to her. After Janet was hit by a car and paralyzed from the waist down, Jay felt incredibly guilty about what happened to her, feeling it was somehow his fault. Because of this, he is extremely loyal to her and always does what she says.

He is relatively inexperienced with brawling and receives helpful advice from his sister, under her hacker alias "Prophet," via a Bluetooth headset. The two often team up with Jay taking part in battling, while Janet acts as "Prophet" with help when needed.

Bakugan: Next Generation

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