Jasper Reid was a Chi Wizard and the father of Mala Reid. Jasper originally met Lang Yan after which the two fell in love, married and had a daughter named Mala. However, Jasper discovered that Lang Yan was actually a Crystal Demon Sorceress in disguise who was only trying to get close to him to discover his wizardry secrets. When she attacked him, he used a necklace and his magic to banish her to the Demon Netherworld. Jasper also realized that since Lang Yan was a demon, Mala was one as well. He attempted to seal Mala's demonic powers in the same necklace he used to banish Lang Yan, but Mala's latent powers were too strong and the necklace was already weakened from the banishment spell. He was heartbroken by Lang Yan's deception, but resolved to stay strong and raise his daughter, teaching her to control her powers and use them for good while also teaching her how to avoid detection by other Chi Wizards. He eventually passed away and left his necklace with Mala. Jasper apprenticed under Chi Master Kuang in his younger days and kept in contact with his old mentor.


  • Jasper is a name meaning "treasure bearer".
Shadow Strikers

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