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Jacqueline the Jackal
Crest of Galen
Jacqueline the jackal

Jacqueline is a cyborg technomage and a member of the House of Galen.

Personal data
Nicknames Jackie
Age 12
Gender Female
Species Mythsetian jackal/cyborg
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Whitewash (unofficial, alternate counterpart only)

This page is comprised of Jacqueline the Jackal's relationships with various other characters she interacts with.


House of Galen

Jackie is a member of the House of Galen.


Anubis the Jackal

Anubis the jackal

Anubis, Jackie's father.

Anubis is Jackie's father. Jackie has a very close relationship with her father, as she received a lot of special attention from him at a young age. This was because of her superior technomage abilities, which Anubis commented are so powerful that such a powerful technomage had no existed since Galen himself. Because of all the attention and special training she's received from her father, Jackie has developed a rather narcissistic view of herself, considering herself above others based on skill and power. In addition, it's likely that this has made her unable to make friends with the other children because of her monotonous tone and serious demeanor.

Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir is Jackie's paternal uncle. However, because of Fenrir's death prior to the story, any relationship they shared is unknown.

Lobo the Wolf

Lobo the wolf

Lobo, Jackie's brother

Lobo is Jackie's older brother by eleven years. Jackie has a relatively close relationship with her brother, largely as a result of the increased attention they shared from their father. Jackie respects her brother and his skills.

William the Coyote

William the Coyote

Will, Jackie's brother

William is Jackie's older brother by three years. Despite Will being older than Jackie, she consistently demeans Will and reprimands him for his remedial skills in technomagic. She has little respect for him because of this and almost constantly puts him down. Because of this, Will's confidence in himself and his abilities have fallen considerably.

Ezo and Okami the Wolf

Ezo and Okami are Jackie's older, paternal cousins by five years. While the twins tend to keep to themselves, they do interact with the rest of their family. It's likely that Jackie holds some respect for them as well for their skills but any other aspect of her relationship with her cousins is unknown.


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