JADE 2015

The members of team JADE.

Basic Information
Colors JadeColor.jpg Jade
AmethystColor.jpg Amethyst
DesertColor.jpg Desert
ElectriccyanColor.jpg Electric cyan
Group Type Team
Leader Jade Everett
Members Jade Everett
Amethyst "Amy" Leventis
Desert Karim
Erek Kyanos
Status Active

JADE is a team that consists of Jade Everett, Amethyst Leventis, Desert Karim and Erek Kyanos. The team is named after its leader, Jade Everett, with the first letter of each member's first name making up the team name. The team to attend Beacon Academy to train to become Huntsmen and Huntresses and are currently in their third year.


Jade is the leader of Team "JADE". She wields a Dust empowered collapsible sword called The Gentleman.
Amy is a member of Team "JADE". She wields dual wind and fire blades called February Silica.
Desert is a member of Team "JADE". He wields a pair of katar daggers called Scorpion Sting.
Erek is a member of Team "JADE". He wields a mace and energy shield called Force and Spice.


  • Team CRLN and JADE possess many similarities:
    • Like Team CRLN, JADE has two members who's names begin with A and D.
    • There is also a female character with a purple theme on both teams.
    • Both teams also share similar color choices of purple, orange and green.
    • Both purple-themed members in the roster are the only ones with nicknames.
    • Both fourth members in the roster are the only ones based on colors with two words: dartmouth green and electric cyan.

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