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This page refers to the Bakugan fan character, Iron Vercingetorix. For the original character, see Vercingetorix.

Iron Vercingetorix
IV Feral

Iron Vercingetorix in her Feral Mode.

Personal data
Nicknames I.V.
Gender Unknown, presumably female
Species Mechtogan
G power 2000
Occupation Battle Brawlers member
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Iron Vercingetorix. We call her I.V. for short.
Ayden Grit

Iron Vercingetorix (アイアーン ・ヴァークインゲットリクス Aiaan Vaakuingettorikusu), commonly referred to as I.V. (アイ ・ヴィー Ai Vii), is a Haos Mechtogan and is Azreal's Mechtogan.

Physical description

I.V. is a large yellow, silver and dark grey mechtogan with blue highlights. She shares her creator's eye mark and mouth scar. In her Combat Mode, she stands on two legs and has several blades for combat and three snake-like lasers on her back. In her Feral Mode, she transforms into a cat-like creature, with weapons in generally the same location. While Combat Mode is built for ranged laser attacks and blunt, physical attacks while Feral Mode is made for quicker and lighter physical attacks.


  • Lightning Hammer
  • Guillotine Blast
  • Dragon Scales
  • Meteor Impact
  • Shockwave Slash
  • Thunder Slingshot
  • Swift Hunter


Unlike other Mechtogan who were born from the lack of sync between battler and Bakugan, I.V. instead emerged from Azreal's excess build up of power from his Dragon Meteor Storm attack. I.V. is very different from most Mechtogan as she has the ability to transform her body and was immediately loyal to Azreal and Ayden, if not downright over affectionate. I.V. is not capable of human speech and can only communicate through a series of growls.

She has proven time and time again to be a valuable assest to Ayden's team.



  • I.V.'s gender is unknown but is assumed to be female based on her nickname.
  • Her Combat Mode design was influenced by Zenthon and Slynix.
  • Her Feral Mode design was influenced by the Voltron lions.
  • The omega symbol on I.V.'s body are a reference to Azreal's previous form, Omega Azreal.

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