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Inari the Fox
Crest of Divinus
Inari the fox

Inari is a skilled illusionist and heir to the head of the House of Divinus.

Personal data
Age 19
Gender Female
Species Mythsetian nine-tailed fox
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Hostile Encounters
Inari is still young, but I see much potential in her.
Esmeralda the Fox

This page is comprised of Inari the Fox's relationships with characters she has interacted with.


House of Divinus

Inari is a member of the House of Divinus.


Crevan the Fox

Crevan is Inari's father. However, Crevan died at some point prior to the main story so any relationship Inari shared with her father is unknown.

Esmeralda the Fox

Esmeralda the fox

Esmeralda, Inari's grandmother

Esmeralda is Inari's paternal grandmother and mentor. Inari is very close with her grandmother and always comes to her for advice and help. Esmeralda sees a great potential in her granddaughter, though Inari does not share this view.

Kit the Fox

Kit is Inari's younger sister by eleven years. Inari has a strong bond with her little sister. Inari is usually the one to braid Kit's hair. Inari is the one Kit usually confides in and comes to for sisterly advice. The two love to play together and sometimes play tricks on others.

Ren the Fox

Ren is Inari's younger brother by five years. Inari tries to maintain a close relationship with her little brother, but his possession of the Prophet's Eye causes him to ostracize himself from everyone because of the pain it causes. Despite this, Inari tries to help ease the pain however she can whenever he receives a vision.

Love interest

Lobo the Wolf

Lobo the wolf

Lobo the Wolf

Inari has a crush on Lobo of the House of Galen, but is too shy to say anything to him. She often resorts to secretly following him around and watching him from behind a corner.


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