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Hydra the Dragon
Crest of Mythos
Hydra the Dragon 2
Personal data
Age 69
Gender Male
Species Mythsetian dragon
Occupation Head of the House of Mythos (former)
Chief of the Mythsetia Veil (former)
Host of Mythos
Morality Good
Evil (while possessed)
Living status Deceased
Fate Killed by his son Garnett, while possessed by Mythos
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Hostile Encounters (mentioned)
Hydra and I grew up together. I knew him better than anyone. The person he was when I left...I don't know who that was because it wasn't my brother.
Azreal the Dragon

This page consists of Hydra the Dragon's relationships with characters he has interacted with.


House of Mythos

Hydra was a member and former head of the House of Mythos.




Adalinda, Hydra's wife.

Adalinda was Hydra's wife of several years. It is uncertain is Hydra harbored any romantic feelings for her, but Adalinda's love was for Azreal, Hydra's brother. Hydra may have simply chosen Adalinda as his bride for her beauty and disposition. While Adalinda had no intimate feelings towards Hydra, she agreed to his proposal and went through with her marriage to him purely out of a sense of duty to Mythsetian tradition in that the Chief could choose anyone as his bride and they could not refuse.

Azreal the Dragon

Azreal the dragon

Azreal, Hydra's younger brother.

"As much as I hated the monster he became, he was still my brother. I couldn't bear the thought of killing him and having his blood on my hands."
—Azreal telling Shadow about his duel with Hydra.

At one time, Hydra was very close with his brother and the two often played together when they were children. However, his growing cruelty and eventually Azreal's love for Adalinda drove a wedge between the two that would never been mended. After the death of their father, Hydra's personality took a severe turn for the worse in that he was beginning to emulate their father's cruel temperament.

To make matters worse, Hydra chose Adalinda, Azreal's love, to be his bride. When Azreal confessed his feelings for Adalinda and that she should marry him and not Hydra, Hydra felt betrayed and insulted, challenging his brother to a fight to the death for her. Despite everything Hydra had become, Azreal still cared for his brother and could not bear the thought of having to kill him. Instead, Azreal chose to flee to avoid having to fight his own brother. When Hydra learned of this, he angrily declared Azreal banished. The brothers never saw each other again and Hydra passed away shortly after the birth of his ninth child.

Garnett the Phoenix

Garnett the phoenix

Garnett, Hydra's eldest son.

Garnett is Hydra's eldest son. The exact nature of their relationship is uncertain, though it is likely that Hydra was cruel and cold to Garnett as his own father was to him. Much like Hydra, Garnett was greatly affected by his father's death and was successfully molded by Hydra into an equally - if not more - cruel tyrant.

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