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Hydra the Dragon
Crest of Mythos
Hydra the Dragon 2
Personal data
Age 69
Gender Male
Species Mythsetian dragon
Occupation Head of the House of Mythos (former)
Chief of the Mythsetia Veil (former)
Host of Mythos
Morality Good
Evil (while possessed)
Living status Deceased
Fate Killed by his son Garnett, while possessed by Mythos
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Hostile Encounters (mentioned)
Hydra and I grew up together. I knew him better than anyone. The person he was when I left...I don't know who that was because it wasn't my brother.
Azreal the Dragon


Hydra was the first born son of his generation in the House of Mythos and the older brother to Azreal. As a child, he was rather kind and playful and grew up alongside his brother and Anubis the Jackal. However, as he got older, Hydra's personality darkened considerably, becoming the mad man he is remembered for. This was a result of an ancient spell enacted by Nekros, allowing Mythos to possess certain descendants of his bloodline, such as Hydra's father and Hydra himself. When Mythos moved on to possess Hydra, he killed off Hydra's father to conceal the secret of his existence.

Following his engagement to Adalinda, Azreal confessed his true feelings for her, having been in love with Adalinda since they were children. Hydra became enraged and saw this as a betrayal, challenging his brother to a fight to the death, with the winner claiming Adalinda and her hand in marriage. However, Azreal still loved his brother and did not want to fight him, let alone to the death. When Azreal fled to avoid the confrontation, Hydra declared him banished from their family and their home.

After banishing his brother, Hydra eventually went on to marry Adalinda and the two had nine children together: Garnett, Umber, Sapphire, Payne, Sepia, Shamrock, Ghost, Pine and Azure. He was often harsh on his children when raising them, especially when it came to nurturing their powers. However, he was exceptionally close with his eldest son, Garnett.

Despite his extended lifespan, Hydra died a few years after Azure was born in his late 60s. It is revealed that Hydra was in fact killed off by his own son, Garnett, who had become possessed by Mythos, leading Hydra to suffer the same fate as his father and many others that came before him.

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