Hyacintha Litwinovii
Cynthia emblem

Hyacintha Litwinovii 2016

Cynthia uniform

Cynthia dance

Personal data
Nicknames Cynthia
Title "Heliotrope"
Age 16
Gender Female
Emblem Cynthia emblem
Species Faunus
Occupation Member of Team CRLN
Beacon Academy Student
Signal Academy Student (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix and Dingo-Sniper
Heliotrope turns it's face to greet the morning sun.



Hyacintha Litwinovii is the only child of Mr. Litwinovii and a female falcon Faunus. Since she bore no physical traits of a Faunus, her father raised her to believe she was human so as to protect her from prejudice and racism against Faunus. As a child, Hyacintha was relatively lonely as her workaholic father paid little attention to her due to his focus on work, though he attempted to make up for this with a gift. This gift was Kestrel, a pet falcon that was to be Hyacintha's companion/pet. In addition, she was a child prodigy and intellectual genius and with no father to notice her talents, she often sought challenges elsewhere. This often led her to taking apart machines in her home and learning several subjects on her own. She also practiced violin as a child and developed an interest in archery.

Eventually, she befriended her next door neighbor, Caelan Roth. When they first met, Caelan couldn't pronounce her name right and mistakenly called her "Cynthia", which he then adopted into his personal nickname for her. The two spent every day playing together and even attended Signal Academy together. Her advanced intellect even allowed her to skip a year and join Caelan's year. During her time at Signal, she forged her Long Distance Bladed Bow, Turnsole.

As her final year of Signal approached, Hyacintha expressed interest in becoming a Huntress. Caelan, who had been against the idea of becoming a Huntsman for so long so as not to be like his sister, Carmen Roth, changed his mind in order to follow Hyacintha to Beacon Academy to remain close to his friend and protect her from harm. It was around this point in time when her father revealed her Faunus heritage through her mother. Cynthia told no one except Caelan and began to feel confused over her identity since she always believed she was human. However, she came to accept that being a Faunus was part of who she was and resolved to make the world a better place for everyone as a Huntress.

Beacon Academy

When they arrived, they participated in the Beacon Academy Initiation ceremony. They and the rest of the first year students were launched off the Beacon Cliffs into the Emerald Forest below. When she landed, Hyacintha immediately used Kestrel to locate Caelan and avoid eye contact with anyone else. The two found each other and collected their relic from the forest temple. At the end of Initiation, they were paired with Aiden Radcliffe and Delilah North, forming Team CRLN.


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