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Hunter Triad
Hunter Triad

The Hunter Triad is a mercenary trio of spider sisters.

Basic Information
Group Type Mercenary group
Leader Nemesis
Members Nemesis
Status Active

The Hunter Triad is a trio of three young spider sisters from the Gossamer Clan. All three are daughters of famed mercenary, the "Goddess of Strife," Eris the Spider and are slowly making a name for themselves in the seedy underground of mercenary work. The trio consists of Rhea, aka Nemesis, Chloe, aka Keres, and Grace, aka Fury.



As spider ninjas from the Gossamer Clan, each of the girls has been trained in the art of ninjutsu but specializes in their own style. They are all agile, quick and dexterous and are known for their skill and strength as they are for their tactical planning. Rhea is the swiftest, making her the speed member; Chloe is the strongest, making her the power member; while Grace, incapable of actually flying, often acts from high up vantage points, making her equivalent to the fly member.


Originally, Rhea, Chloe and Grace were born into the Gossamer Clan by their mother, Eris and trained in the art of the ninja. While Rhea easily grasped these teachings, Chloe was impatient and disliked the aspect of sneaking and stealth while Grace's shy and reserved nature often kept her from properly taking part in hand-to-hand combat. Despite her skill in the clan, Rhea felt her life was incomplete and decided to seek out her mother and was joined by Chloe and Grace who both felt that they no longer had a place in the Gossamer Clan any longer. After consulting the Bride of Endless Reach and the Web of Fate, they learned of their mother's death and decided to investigate and seek out the individual responsible.

Upon leaving the Gossamer Clan, Rhea, Chloe and Grace decided to follow in their mother's footsteps as mercenaries and formed the Hunter Triad, with Rhea acting as the leader, Chloe as the muscle and Grace as the team's mechanic and medic. They traveled to Merc City beneath Metal City where they established themselves as a mercenary group slowly gaining a reputation and income while gathering information on their mother's death.



  • Each of the sisters' names and aliases are a reference to Greek mythology.
  • The group name is a reference to the wolf spider - Rhea, Chloe and Grace's species - which is known to be an excellent hunter.

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