Hsian Ji

Hsian Ji

Hsian Ji Human

Personal data
Alias Songbird
The Demon Siren
Sonia Jean (human alias)
Gender Female
Species Demon, Sorcerer class
Occupation Demon Sorceress of Sound
Inventor of Wing Nail Style
Ruler of the Shadow Kingdom (Kingdom Shadows)
Morality Good
Evil (formerly)
Living status Alive
Fate Killed by her husband, Tzan Ren
Resurrected by the Shadow Strikers
Production notes
Created by Dingo-Sniper
Appearances City Shadows
Kingdom Shadows

This page is comprised of Hsian Ji's relationships with various other characters she interacts with.


Demon Sorcerers

Hsian Ji was one of many Demon Sorcerers and affiliated with their masses. However, since her demise, many Demon Sorcerers look down upon her for growing "soft".



Linos 2

Linos, Hsian Ji's son

Linos: "B-but will you still be there w-when I need you?"
Hsian Ji: "I'm your mother, Linos; I will always be there for you."
— Hsian Ji to her son.

Linos is Hsian Ji's beloved son. When she became pregnant, worried for the safety of her child in a world where her kind were actively hunted down, Hsian Ji willingly chose to return to the Demon Netherworld so as to safely raise him.

When he was born, Hsian Ji became warm, tender and loving - all traits uncharacteristic to demons. Because Linos displayed a curious nature, in particular towards humans, Tzan Ren neglected in raising him as he disliked his son having such traits. Hsian Ji, however, was not bothered by this and loved her son regardless. She would even sing him to sleep every night, prompting Linos to call her "Songbird".

Hsian Ji displayed her protective nature towards Linos twice. The first was when Linos accidentally wandered into Dong Xin's territory and was hunted by the Ice Demon Sorcerer. Hearing her son's fearful cries, Hsian Ji came to his rescue. After Tzan Ren decided to follow Linos to Earth to kill him, Hsian Ji intervened, wanting to protect her son. A fight broke out between the two that ended with Hsian Ji's death.

Though Linos greatly mourned the death of his mother, he holds his memory of her fondly and close to his heart. To his horror, Linos discovered that his mother's astral form was still alive, but under the influence of Tzan Ren's control after being infused with his Shadow Demon Chi. Shadow-Hsian Ji did not recognize her son right away mercilessly attacked him. However, she was slowly able to resist Tzan Ren's control and was successfully purged of all Shadow influence by Linos.

Several months later, Hsian Ji was successfully resurrected via Linos' plan to hijack a restoration spell made by Daolon Wong meant for Mo Wang.

Tzan Ren

Tzan Ren

Tzan Ren, Hsian Ji's husband

"I saved her! I freed her from your parasitic influence! She was my beautiful Demon Siren and then you changed her, turned her into your Songbird! But now, now she has never been more beautiful!"
—Tzan Ren's twisted justification for what he did to Hsian Ji.

Tzan Ren was Hsian Ji's husband. The pair initially met in ancient times and fell in love. When Hsian Ji became pregnant, they decided to travel back to the Demon Netherworld in order to raise their son away from Chi Wizards and slayers that constantly hunted them. Tzan Ren would affectionately call her his "Demon Siren".

When their son was born, however, the pair began to drift apart. While Hsian Ji accepted Linos' odd personality and loved him unconditionally, Tzan Ren resented his human-loving son. He and Hsian Ji constantly fought over how to raise Linos and though neither admitted it, the pair began falling out of love with each other. He even hated how soft and compassionate she had become in the process, even avoiding killing in Linos' presence simply because of how much it upset him.

When Tzan Ren voiced his intent to kill Linos, Hsian Ji intervened to protect her son. Using her siren song, she was able to compel Tzan Ren to banish Linos instead of killing him, believing that sending him to Earth would leave him safe and happy. Afterwards, Hsian Ji kept Tzan Ren in her trance for as long as she could before her energy finally gave out. Believing that their son had been "singing his own song" to her and that his influence on her had made her weak, Tzan Ren killed her, viewing the act as a twisted form of "saving her". He held her astral form captive and infused it with his Shadow Demon Chi, effectively turning her into a mindless thrall and phantom.


Lang Yan

Default Lang Yan

Lang Yan

Hsian Ji: "Shall we, Wolf Eyes?"
Lang Yan: "After you, Songbird."
— Hsian Ji and Lang Yan prepare to attack Shen Du.

Despite having never met before, Lang Yan and Hsian Ji developed a close friendship due to their similar experiences as mothers as well as the friendship that existed between their children. Following Hsian Ji's rescue from the Shadow Legion, she and Lang Yan met in astral form and began waiting until the time of their return.

Eventually, their children hijacked a restoration spell meant for Mo Wang and used its energy to successfully resurrect both Sorceresses. Upon emerging, they both noted Shen Du's declaration that he would kill their children in front of them before promptly attacking.


Dong Xin

Dong Xin

Dong Xin

Dong Xin: "This is not over, Hsian Ji. He will pay for this transgression!"
Hsian Ji: "You will not harm my son, Dong Xin, not while I'm around."
— Hsian Ji rescues her son from Dong Xin.

Dong Xin is an enemy of Hsian Ji. When her son Linos had wandered into Dong Xin's territory by accident, he began to literally hunt the young demon, an event which greatly traumatized him. Hearing his fearful cries, Hsian Ji arrived in time to rescue her son before threatening Dong Xin, who held a vendetta against her for this.

Shen Du

Immediately upon her resurrection, Hsian Ji regarded Shen Du as an enemy, largely due to overhearing him declare that he would kill her son, Linos, in front of him.

Shadow Strikers

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