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House of Videre
Crest of Videre

The crest of the House of Videre.

Basic Information
Motto "Our Eyes Are Open"
Group Type Family
Founder Videre
Leader Argus the Hawk
Status Active, previously believed to be wiped out

The House of Videre (ヴィッダーエの家 Viddaae no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who specialize in vision magic hailing from the Mythsetia Veil. Though they were mostly wiped out during the Great Purge, they are survived by Argus the Hawk.



  • Vision: Descendants of Videre specialize in vision magic. This is the ability to emit beams from their eyes as well as perceive certain elements in their environment.
    • Heat vision: They are able to generate and release beams of pure heat energy from their eyes that can heat, melt and weld objects.
    • Freeze vision: They are able to generate and emit beams of pure cold energy from their eyes that can freeze objects and individuals.
    • Lightning vision: They can generate and release beams of pure electrical energy form their eyes that can shock and incinerate targets.
    • Hypnotic vision: They are able to place individuals in a hypnotic trance with their eyes. In this state, their victims become highly suggestible to their orders.
    • Atomic vision: They are able to see the bonds between atoms and use this to find stressed or weak points.
    • Aura vision: They are able to perceive the aura of every living being, which also allows them to sense an individual's emotions, power, morality, and vitality.
    • Blood flow vision: They are able to see the flow of blood in living beings.
    • Thermal vision: They are able to see heat signatures.
    • X-Ray vision: They can see through solid objects and people.
    • Energy vision:
    • Illusion vision: They are able to see through illusions and determine if their surroundings are false.
    • Microscopic vision: They are able to see objects that are normally too small to be seen by the naked eye.
    • Night vision: They can see clearly in the darkness.
    • Telescopic vision: They are capable of seeing across great distances and magnifying them in their view.


The House of Videre originally hailed from the Mythsetia Veil however during the Great Purge members of their family managed to escape the island and made it to the mainland. There, they continued living in secret and were believed by the survivors that continued living on the Veil to have been wiped out in the attack.



  • Videre derives from the Latin word meaning "to see".
  • The Videre crest is based on the Nazar amulet, which is believed to protect against the evil eye.
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