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House of Tempus
Crest of Tempus

The crest of the House of Tempus.

Basic Information
Motto "Endless Time"
Group Type Family
Founder Tempus
Status Active

The House of Tempus (テムプスの家 Temupusu no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who specialize in time manipulation hailing from the Mythsetia Veil. They are known as the noble Keepers of Time. Though they were mostly wiped out during the Great Purge, they are survived by Genbu. Their sacred relic is the Hourglass of Tempus.



  • Time manipulation: Descendants of Tempus are able to manipulate the flow of time on a specific target, such as an object, or in a specific area. Their ability to direct time is dependent on their own energy, meaning that they cannot manipulate time forever.
    • Time freezing: They are able to freeze time on an object or within an area of their choosing. With it, they can dodge oncoming attacks, ensure accurate strikes or manipulate the environment to their needs.
    • Time reduction: They can slow down time around a single object or within a certain area. With it, they can dodge oncoming attacks and dampen movements.
    • Time acceleration: They can accelerate the flow of time either on themselves, others or within a specific area. With it, they can accomplish tasks at an accelerated rate and execute numerous attacks.
    • Temporal looping: They can generate a time loop and trap individuals within it, forcing them to relive the same minute, hour, day, etc. However, with each repeated loop, the trapped individuals become more aware of their circumstance and are able to escape the loop.
    • Temporal protection: They are immune to any alterations of time that are not caused by themselves.
    • Psychometry: They have the ability to read the flow of time surrounding an object, individual or location. Through this, they can determine historical information, such as anything that has occurred to the target or within the targeted location.
    • Temporal awareness: They can detect and perceive any changes or alterations made to the time-stream.


The House of Tempus was one of the many houses that lived on the Mythsetia Veil. They practiced time manipulation, but were wiped out in the Great Purge. Their sacred relic is the Hourglass of Tempus.


  • Tempus derives from the Latin word tempus, meaning "time".
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