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House of Spatia
Crest of Spatia

The crest of the House of Spatia.

Basic Information
Motto "Limitless Space"
Group Type Family
Founder Spatia
Status Active

The House of Spatia (スペイシャの家 Supeisha no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who specialize in spatial manipulation hailing from the Mythsetia Veil. Though they were mostly wiped out during the Great Purge, they are survived by Kallis the Bear. Their sacred relic is the Damascus of Spatia.



  • Spatial manipulation: Those born into the Spatia bloodline are able to manipulate physical space around them. They can only affect a specific range or area or the space of a specific target rather than all of space itself.
    • Spatiokinetic combat: They are well skilled in combining their spatial manipulation powers with physical combat.
    • Spatial generation: They can create additional space within an area.
    • Spatial depletion: They can deplete space.
    • Floortilting: They can alter the direction of gravitational pull within a specific area. They can either negate gravity entirely or introduce a new gravitational force on the area.
      • Wallwalking: By doing this, they can walk or run across walls and ceilings.
    • Dimensional awareness: They are able to detect cross-dimensional portals or barriers within their range.
    • Spatial flight: They are able to achieve flight and levitation by manipulating their location in space.
    • Gravitational singularity creation: They can compress space into a single point to generate a singularity that destroys anything around it.
    • Spatial displacement: They can take an entire section of space and the contents within that space and relocate it to wherever they choose.
    • Spatial crushing: They can crush targets by manipulating the space around it.
    • Spatial slicing: They are able to slice through space. They are able to achieve this by removing or displacing a slit of space causing a rip within this spatial area, which gives the appearance of a slice attack.
    • Spatial tuning: They are able to distort and warp space within a specific area.
    • Warp bubble: They are able to generate a small warp bubble around themselves that is largely disconnected from the space around them.
      • Force-field generation: With this warp bubble, they can generate a force field by preventing things from entering their warp.
      • Intangibility: They can achieve intangibility with this warp bubble by warping the space to the point where matter and energy doesn't affect them.


The House of Spatia was one of the many houses that lived on the Mythsetia Veil. They practiced spatial manipulation, but were wiped out in the Great Purge. Their sacred relic is the Damascus of Spatia.



  • Spatia derives from the word "spatial".
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