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House of Sol
Crest of Sol

The crest of the House of Sol.

Basic Information
Motto "Blazing like the Sun"
Group Type Family
Founder Sol
Leader Arka the Eagle
Status Active, previously believed to be wiped out

The House of Sol (サルの家 Saru no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who specialize in solar magic hailing from the Mythsetia Veil, though they were largely wiped out during the Great Purge. The House of Sol is made up of eagles - though rabbits have now been incorporated into the bloodline - and the ancient relic of their family is the Chakram of Sol. Their current head is Arka the Eagle.



  • Solar energy manipulation: The House of Sol specializes in controlling energy from the sun, specifically in the form of energy blasts and barriers.
    • Solar empowerment: They are able to absorb energy from the sun to empower themselves, enhance their abilities, and giving themselves enhanced conditioning.
  • Magnetism manipulation: They can generate and manipulate magnetic fields and subsequently can affect anything that is magnetic or magnetized.
  • Portal generation: They can generate up to two portals that allow anyone and anything to travel through one to the other. However, they can only create them within a certain distance to themselves and cannot make them any larger than himself.
  • Black Sun mode: During an eclipse, they experience a massive power increase and their aura changes from gold to black.


The House of Sol originally hailed from the Mythsetia Veil however during the Great Purge members of their family managed to escape the island and make it to the mainland. There, they continued living in secret and were believed by the survivors that continued living on the Veil to have been wiped out in the attack. The only living descendant is Arka the Eagle, who possesses the Chakram of Sol. Descendants of Sol are always born male and the family has always had a strong connection to the House of Luna due to the relationship between their ancestors.

However, Arula the Rabbit became the first female to ever be born into the Sol line when the family permanently merged with the House of Luna through the union of Arka the Eagle and Chang-O the Rabbit.



  • Sol derives from the Latin word for the sun.
  • The portals power is based on the theory of black holes being portals to other universes or parallel worlds.
  • The House of Sol and the House of Luna were originally going to be a single house, but they were later split into two. Now that the Houses of Sol and Luna have permanently joined through the union of Arka and Chang, is it likely the two houses will fuse at some point.
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