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House of Sirona
Crest of Sirona

The crest of the House of Sirona.

Basic Information
Motto "In the Healing Light"
Group Type Family
Founder Sirona
Status Active

The House of Sirona (スィロナの家 Sirona no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who specialize in healing and restoration magic hailing from the Mythsetia Veil. Though they were mostly wiped out during the Great Purge, they are survived by Barnibus the Owl. Their sacred relic is the Rod of Sirona.



  • Healing: Members of the Sirona bloodline are proficient in the healing arts. These can either be done on themselves, or others.
    • Curing: They can restore an individual's normal condition by removing any illness, disease or mutation.
    • Healing aura: They can project a healing aura that can cure ailments and mend wounds of those behind them.
    • Healing touch: They are able to heal through physical contact.
    • Health optimization: They are able to sense and evaluate an individual's health state and heal any ailments and promote an optimum condition.
    • Wound transferal: They are able to transfer wounds from one individual to another.
    • Mental healing: They can heal mental illnesses, trauma and disorders. This also allows them to reverse the effects of mind control and memory loss.
    • Disease sense: They can sense and identify diseases.
    • Internal bodily cleansing: They can cleanse themselves or others of bodily impurities.
  • Restoration: Another power of the Sirona bloodline is that of restoration. This allows them to apply a variation of their healing powers onto physical objects rather than organic beings.
    • Repair: With this power, they are able to repair broken or damaged objects.
    • Reverse decay: They can also reverse such effects as rusting and corrosion on objects, restoring them to an optimal condition.


The House of Sirona was one of the many houses that lived on the Mythsetia Veil. They practiced healing and restoration, but were wiped out in the Great Purge. Their sacred relic is the Rod of Sirona.


  • Sirona derives from the Celtic healing deity of the same name.
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