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House of Nekros
Crest of Nekros

The crest of the House of Nekros.

Basic Information
Motto "Shepherds of the Dead"
Group Type Family
Founder Nekros
Leader Corvus the Crow (unofficial)
Status Active, previously believed to be wiped out

The House of Nekros (ネックロスの家 Nekkurosu no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who specialize in necromancy hailing from the Mythsetia Veil, though they were believed to have been wiped out during the Great Purge. They are one of the Surface Faction houses. The House of Nekros is made up of crows and the ancient relic of their family is the Chain of Nekros. Their current head is Corvus the Crow, however this is not official and is only a result of Corvus being the last of the Nekros line.


Corvus is the last descendant of the House of Nekros and son of Ravenna. He has not yet mastered his necromancy powers and still receives training from his mother's spirit.
Ravenna was the mother of Corvus. She was killed after being accused of being a witch before her son bound her soul to the Chain of Nekros
Nekros was the original founder and ancestor of the House of Nekros.


  • Soul manipulation: The House of Nekros specializes in necromancy. Their abilities include but are not limited to communicating with spirits and souls of the deceased, temporarily reanimating corpses and even binding the souls of the deceased to either a living being or an inanimate object. They can manipulate and control souls and spiritual entities to do his bidding.
    • Soul binding: They can bind a soul to an inanimate object or even an living person. However, unbinding a soul from someone or something is far more difficult.
    • Soul absorption: They can gain more power through consuming souls.
    • Soul perception: They can perceive and track souls of the living and deceased. They can also sense an individual's aura, sensing their vitals, intentions and strength.
    • Astral projection: They can separate their spiritual essence from their physical body, allowing them to phase through objects and even posses individuals. However, they cannot interact with the physical world such as opening doors and windows and they can only remain separated from their body for a limited amount of time.
  • Reanimation: They can temporarily reanimate vessels and corpses of the deceased to do his bidding.
  • Mediumship: They can communicate with spirits and souls of the deceased.
  • Supernatural detection: They possess a heightened spiritual sense and can sense and identify supernatural phenomena.


The House of Nekros originally hailed from the Mythsetia Veil however during the Great Purge members of their family managed to escape the island and make it to the mainland. There, they continued living in secret and were believed by the survivors that continued living on the Veil to have been wiped out in the attack. The only living descendant is now Corvus the Crow, who bound the soul of his mother Ravenna to the Chain of Nekros.



  • Nekros derives from the Greek word meaning dead body.
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