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House of Mestaclocan
Crest of Mestaclocan

The crest of the House of Mestaclocan.

Basic Information
Motto "Not Always What it Seems"
Group Type Family
Founder Mestaclocan
Leader Caudata the Salamander
Status Active
The House of Mestaclocan, the shapeshifters - even after all these years, we still don't know what any of them really look like.
Azreal the Dragon

The House of Mestaclocan (メスタクロクアンの家 Mesutakurokuan no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who specialize in shapeshifting hailing from the Mythsetia Veil. They are one of the Island Faction houses. The family is made up of salamanders, however, because of their shapeshifting abilities, it is likely that salamander is not their true species. They were originally founded by Mestaclocan and the current head is Caudata the Salamander. Their family relic is the Shroud of Mestaclocan.


Caudata is the head of the House of Mestaclocan and older brother of Urodela and Mosaic. He is a master shapeshifter and is the keeper of the Shroud of Mestaclocan.
Urodela is the sister of Caudata and Mosaic and a skilled shapeshifter.
Mosaic is the younger brother of Caudata and Urodela and a shapeshifter in training.
Mestaclocan was the original founder and ancestor of the House of Mestaclocan.


  • Shapeshifting: The House of Mestaclocan specializes in shapeshifting. By studying the movements of other objects, one is able to change shape. However, extreme stress and physical harm can break one's shifted form. Forms include taking on the appearance of another animal or person and inanimate objects.
    • Biomorphing: They are capable of transforming into any living thing, such as plants, animals and other beings.
    • Body manipulation: They can manipulate any aspect of their bodies and even form natural weaponry.
    • Malleable anatomy: They can rearrange the physiological features of their bodies and alter their appearance.
    • Partial transformation: They are able to transform part of their bodies independently from the rest.
    • Size manipulation: They can alter their size and mass from tiny to gigantic. Their strength and durability can increase and decrease accordingly in relation to their size.
    • Self-molecular manipulation: They can manipulate their own molecular structure.
    • Item mimicry: They are able to mimic and take on the shape of inanimate objects.
    • Doppelgänger morphing: They can take on the appearance of other beings.
    • Accelerated healing: As a result of their shapeshifting abilities, they are able to enhance their recovery rate by recreating damaged or lost tissue and regenerating limbs.


The House of Mestaclocan was one of the few surviving families of the Great Purge. They traveled into the Veil Catacombs beneath the Mythsetia Veil where they remained with the other surviving families for several hundred years.

Nobody knows the true species of the Mestaclocans, only the Mestaclocans do. Due to their shapeshifting powers, the Mestaclocan's have taken on the form of salamanders. It is unknown what original species they are and whether they choose to return to their original forms or have simply forgotten how to.



  • In early Mayan text, Mestaclocan was another term for shapeshifter.
  • It was mistakenly spelled Mestalocan.

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