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House of Khemeia
Crest of Khemeia

The crest of the House of Khemeia.

Basic Information
Motto "Ever Changing"
Group Type Family
Founder Khemeia
Leader Seren the Antelope (unofficial)
Status Active, previously believed to be wiped out

The House of Khemeia (クヘメイアの家 Kuhemeia no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who specialize in transmutation hailing from the Mythsetia Veil, though they were believed to have been wiped out during the Great Purge. The House of Khemeia is made up of antelopes and the ancient relic of their family is the Scepter of Khemeia. Their current head is Seren the Antelope, however this is not official and is only a result of Seren being the last of the Khemeia line and largely unaware of her heritage.



  • Transmutation: The House of Khemeia specialize in transmutation magic, allowing them to alter, transform, or transmute energy, elements and objects into something else. This does not have an effect on anything that is living, sentient and has a heartbeat.
    • Elemental transmutation: They can transmute chemical elements and change them from liquid, solid, gas or plasma form to another.
      • Weapon creation: They can transmute elements and shape matter to form weapons.
      • Argentopoeia: They can turn any element into silver.
      • Chrysopoeia: They can turn any element into gold.
      • Crystallization: They can transmute matter into crystal.
      • Disintegration: They can cause molecules to lose cohesion, causing objects to disintegrate.
      • Petrification: They can turn anything into stone.
    • Matter transmutation: They can transmute matter into different forms by creating and absorbing matter and energy and shaping it into anything they choose.


The House of Khemeia originally hailed from the Mythsetia Veil however during the Great Purge members of their family managed to escape the island and make it to the mainland. There, they continued living in secret and were believed by the survivors that continued living on the Veil to have been wiped out in the attack. The only living descendant is now Seren the Antelope, who remains unaware of her true heritage.



  • Khemeia derives from the Greek word meaning "cast together" or "pour together".
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