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House of Dremen
Crest of Dremen

The crest of the House of Dremen.

Basic Information
Motto "Watching Over Your Dreams"
Group Type Family
Founder Dremen
Status Active

The House of Dremen (ドレメンの家 Doremen no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who specialize in dream manipulation hailing from the Mythsetia Veil. Though they were mostly wiped out during the Great Purge, they are survived by Sylphina the Butterfly. Their sacred relic is the Dreamcatcher of Dremen.



  • Dream manipulation: Members of the Dremen bloodline are able to enter and manipulate the dreams of others as well as themselves. They are capable of modifying, suppressing, fabricating, influencing, and sensing dreams.
    • Dream observation: They are capable of observing an individual's dreams.
    • Dream walking: They are able to enter the dream's of another.
    • Dream-world manipulation: They are able to manipulate elements within a dream world.
    • Sleep inducement: They can induce sleep upon individuals in order to enter their dreams.
    • Dream imprisonment: They are able to trap individuals within their dreams.
    • Alternative dream universe: They can create and manipulate an alternate reality within their dreams.
    • Subconscious manipulation: They are able to manipulate the subconscious of individuals.
    • Subliminal messaging: While inside an individual's dreams, they can implant subliminal messages to later influence that individual's action when they awaken.
    • Nightmare manipulation: They are able to generate and manipulate nightmares.


The House of Dremen was one of the many houses that lived on the Mythsetia Veil. They practiced dream manipulation, but were wiped out in the Great Purge. Their sacred relic is the Dreamcatcher of Dremen


  • Dremen derives from the Middle English word dremen.
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