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House of Cruour
Crest of Cruour

The crest of the House of Cruour.

Basic Information
Motto "Bound by Blood"
Group Type Family
Founder Cruour
Leader Undecided, presumably Dezmodus or Daemus
Status Active, previously believed to be wiped out

The House of Cruour (クルオウルの家 Kuruouru no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who specialize in blood magic hailing from the Mythsetia Veil, though they were believed to have been wiped out during the Great Purge. The House of Cruour is made up of bats and the ancient relic of their family is the Dagger of Cruour. Their current head is undecided as a result of Dezmodus and Daemus' battle for supremacy.



  • Blood manipulation: The House of Cruour specializes in blood magic. Their abilities include but are not limited to manipulation of blood - such as in the forms of blood blades and blood bullets, controlling the flow of blood for healing or manipulation purposes and advanced tracking, which requires a sample of blood from the individual being tracked.
    • Blood consumption: However, blood magic bears a strong change for corruption. Consumption of blood can be used as a quicker means to attain power and control over blood magic with the downside that it causes mental deterioration and eventually, insanity. Blood consumption will only work with blood from others and is highly addictive. In addition, the "high" and effects brought on by blood consumption are merely temporary but continuous feeding will render the effects permanent and victims will be driven by the addiction to only feed and gain power. 
    • Blood crystallization: They can crystallize and solidify blood to form constructs such as weapons and tools.
    • Blood clotting: They can stop bleeding in themselves and others to facilitate healing.
    • Motor-skill manipulation: By controlling blood, they can therefore control the actions of people through the blood in their body.
    • Dermal armor: They can increase the density of blood to generate strong armor.
    • Enhanced tracking: By using obtaining a sample of an individual's blood, they are able to track them across vast distances.
    • Binding: They can perform binding through blood by hardening their blood into physical restraints.
    • Resistance to blood magic: Given their own blood magic powers, they has a natural resistance to the effects of blood magic and can therefore resist its influence and effects.
  • Enhanced sense of smell: They possess a naturally enhanced sense of smell and can easily identify an individual based on the scent of their blood.


The House of Cruour originally hailed from the Mythsetia Veil however during the Great Purge members of their family managed to escape the island and make it to the mainland. There, they continued living in secret and were believed by the survivors that continued living on the Veil to have been wiped out in the attack. The only living descendants are brothers Dezmodus and Daemus, the former of which possesses the Dagger of Cruour.



  • Cruour derives from the Latin word meaning "blood from a wound."
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