Heliotrope is a cerberus-orthurian hydra hybrid and one of the future eight offspring of Koji and Kaya.


Like his sister, Cerise, Heliotrope is one of the more mature of his siblings. He often finds himself in the middle of occasional conflicts between his siblings and acts much like a mediator, trying to resolve issues. He is usually the first to try and stop a fight between his siblings as well as trying to bring everyone together as a family despite different and clashing personalities.




Heliotrope was born at Ueno Castle and is one of the eight eggs laid by Kaya with her mate Koji. He is a hybrid between cerberus hydras and orthurian hydras. Heliotrope is a pale, dark purple color with two heads and two tails. His body is primarily covered in scales, but he does possess some fur on his body, a trait he inherited from his mother.


  • Heliotrope is named after the shade of violet of the same name.

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