Han Xin
Personal data
Gender Male
Species Guardian spirit-dragon
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Han Xin is a guardian spirit and one of the four generals on Anlortim's Golem Batallion. Han Xin is the second oldest of Anlortim's generals and one of his close personal friends. He is calm and level-headed and rarely loses his temper.

Physical description

He is a gargoyle like Anlortim, but in the form of an anthropomorphic Chinese Lung Dragon with wings. His scales are bright green with a main of white fur traveling down his spine to his tail. He wears a lion cloth and light armor over his body. He is almost always seen carrying a book.


Han Xin is a guardian spirit, but his elemental alignment, if any, is unknown. He is capable of flight, breathing fire and shares Anlortim's Stone Sleep ability, which turns him to stone during daylight and healing his wounds. Han Xin is an intellectual genius and master strategist, usually the one to come up with plans for attack.

Han Xin's division consists of other lizard-like, winged gargoyles who also breath fire. He does not take to the battlefield often - as he spends his time coming up with battle plans - but he does provide his troops with orders of what to do.


Han Xin was created by Anlortim modeled after a Chinese Lung Dragon. Since managing an entire army proved too much for Anlortim to handle on his own, he appointed four generals to manage over each of their own divisions. Han Xin is one of Anlortim's most trusted generals and a part of his special task group consisting of himself, Han Xin and the other generals.

When Anlortim was critically injured in battle, he was forced to flee and enter Stone Sleep to heal. However, he did not awaken the next night, remaining trapped in his stone form. With nothing to do without their leader, the generals split up their troops across the globe where they too entered a Stone Sleep and would only awaken once Anlortim called for them. Han Xin and a majority of his troops situated across Eastern Asia on buildings, temples and various other structures.


  • Han Xin is named after the strategist of the same name.
  • He is second oldest of Anlortim's generals.
Guardian Spirits

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