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Halberd of Luna

The Halberd of Luna

The Halberd of Luna is a sacred item to the House of Luna. It is a long polearm staff with a spear tip and two crescent blades and a small moonstone on the hilt. The current holder is Chang-O the Rabbit.



The Halberd originally belonged to Luna, the founder of the House of Luna from the Mythsetia Veil. It was eventually passed down to her descendants and currently rests in the hands of Chang-O the Rabbit, the only living descendant of Luna.

The Halberd can store mass amounts of lunar energy, which Chang can utilize during the moon's absence when she experiences a power decrease. The Halberd's power level is also affected by the current phase of the moon. The phases are etched into the staff body and light up according to the current phase. Chang often uses the Halberd as her means for transportation, using her gravity powers to levitate as she sits atop it, similar to a witch on a broomstick.


  • The halberd's design is based of a Chinese halberd, or Ji.
  • Luna's relic was originally meant to be a moonstone.

Mythsetian Relics

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