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Grace the Spider
Grace the Spider

Grace is the brains of the Hunter Triad and one of the many daughters of Eris the Spider.

Personal data
Alias Fury
Age 14
Gender Female
Species Mobian wolf spider
Occupation Tech expert and medic of the Hunter Triad
Freelance mercenary
Gossamer Clan ninja (former)
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Bloodlines: Empty Wind


Born and raised in the Gossamer Clan alongside her many brothers and sisters, Grace was trained in the art of ninjutsu and fighting like any other Gossamer ninja. Since she was young, Grace was constantly shunned by other Gossamer ninjas due to her general dislike of fighting. In fact, many gave up her training and viewed her as a lost cause. Despite this, she was very skilled in archery. When she believed that her life would not move forward with the Gossamer Clan, Grace joined two of her other sisters, Rhea and Chloe in their search for their mother, Eris. The three consulted the Bride of Endless Reach, who informed them of Eris' death, as foretold by the Web of Fate.

After stumbling upon a journal left by their mother, the three decide to leave the Gossamer Clan to search for their mother's killer while also forming their own mercenary group, the Hunter Triad. While Grace cannot actually fly, she is classified as the fly member of the Triad, likely due to her tendency to perch atop high vantage points during missions.

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