Golem Battalion
Basic Information
Group Type Army
Founder Anlortim
Leader Anlortim
Status Inactive

The Golem Battalion was an army of guardian spirits created and led by the Origin Spirit of darkness, Anlortim. Following Anlortim's disappearance from the world, the army went into a deep slumber as stone gargoyles, awaiting the day when their leader would return and call for them.

Prominent members


Shortly after being created by Zenith, Anlortim fashioned an army of his own creation each with his ability to sleep in stone form during daylight hours and heal all wounds. He modeled his army's appearance off his own as well as other animals, making them appears as anthropomorphic beasts. They made a habit of attacking raiders and other armies on wars of conquest.

Anlortim leads the army with four generals serving directly under him with their own smaller factions. These generals are Han Xin, Leonidas, Vercingetorix and Xerxes.

When Anlortim was critically injured in the chest, he fled to a safe location in order to heal, however, he did not wake the following night. With no clue as to how to wake their leader, the army scattered all over the world, situated on buildings nowadays as gargoyles, and remained in eternal slumber until their leader would call for them once more.


  • The Golem Battalion's name come from the word, golem.
  • Each of Anlortim's generals are named after real life generals in history.
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