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Crest of Galen

Galen's crest

Galen (ゲイラン Geiran) was the original ancestor and founder of the House of Galen. He was a skilled technomage with cybernetic implants and contributed to the defeat of Mythos. Prior to this however, Galen did work with Mythos in collaboration to create a technologically advanced piece of weaponry which would reflect Mythos' elemental abilities in an attempt to show the combined effects of two forms of magic. The result was a success and called the Arbalest of Galen, becoming Galen's ancient relic as well. He had at least one son, named Montgomery.

Galen was also the first to discover that excessive cybernetic enhancements would result in the loss of one's magical ability. Prior to his death, Galen began researching ways in which to prolong his own lifespan. In particular, he sought to fuse himself with technology entirely in hopes of regaining his technomancy powers. However, fearing that his fellow founders would view this as unnatural, Galen kept his work a secret from them. While constructing his tomb, a large floating cube in the sky, Galen left an artificial platform of his own design in the tomb. However, upon the death of his physical body, Galen uploaded his consciousness onto an external platform separate from the one he kept at his tomb and the location of which is unknown. Though the location of the platform that houses Galen's consciousness is unknown, Galen's intended new body is safeguarded by his son Montgomery, who like his father, uploaded his conscious mind into a mechanical platform.

Known descendants


  • Galen's name was later adapted as his descendants surname.
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